Practicing Areas


Indonesia, a nation with promising business prospects, provides abundant opportunities for investors, whether local or foreign. In light of this, we extend services in the form of legal assistance and compliance tailored for business purposes.


As the world’s third-largest democracy, Indonesia upholds democratic values, evident in elections held every five years. Leveraging this context, our services encompass campaign team advocacy, support in local election disputes, as well as background checking and profiling for legislative partner candidates.


Civil law, also referred to as private law, encompasses regulations governing legal rights and responsibilities in interactions among private individuals. Our range of civil legal services includes comprehensive legal advocacy and assistance tailored to the requirements of individuals eligible for legal support in non-criminal matters and disputes. This encompasses negotiation, mediation, and various forms of assistance and advocacy.


Criminal law, recognized as the most widely acknowledged field of legal practice, spans cases from motoring offenses and murder to white-collar crimes such as fraud, bribery, and corruption. Drawing upon over 20 years of experience, we offer legal assistance and analysis tailored to the criminal law needs of our clients.


Administrative law plays a crucial role in shaping the relationship between citizens and the government, providing a framework for legal recourse when disputes arise in the realm of administrative actions. Our services in the administrative law area covers a broad spectrum of issues, including regulatory compliance, licensing, government decision-making, and disputes arising from administrative actions.


Constitutional law is the primary law that establish government offices, confers power, and regulate law in Indonesia both regulates relations within the government and relations between government and its society. As one of our service, we provide a legal assistance for the cases in constitutional court.


Bankruptcy law is the system of rules/ that govern unfortunate situations where individuals or organizations possess an overwhelming amount of debt and are seeking a way out. With our 20+ years of experience we can intervene during this state of crisis and provide level-headed legal opinion based on an understanding of many complex law that govern bankruptcies.


Labour law is one of law area that regulates industrial relation among the employer and the employee. Indonesian labour law is exceptionally complicated, therefore we will provide a service in a form of legal assistance for our clients that are currently struggling  in industrial relation dispute. Moreover, we also arrange work permit and stay permit related to foreign worker and their clients.


In this technology era, differentiating ideas and innovation are essential. In order to obtain intellectual property rights, we provide legal assistance for our clients to acquire intellectual property rights such as patents, trademark, industrial design right, and copyright.

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