Alchemist Muda Indonesia

Evaluation of information and data to identify, detect, and mitigate the risk of business loss for indviduals and companies which supported by qualified documentation prosess

Comprehensive risk analysis of potential environmental damage, social, political, and government conflicts (including corruption and money laundering)

Education and training program including but not limited to the concept of corporate criminal liability, bribery, and compliance systems.

Locating valuable items belonging to individuals or corporations that has been misappropriated due to several causes through all stages of forensic investigation and litigation with the help of expert services and tech-based professional advice

Conducting investigative research and in-depth analysis towards any field of interest of the client.

Representing clients in conducting negotiations with client’s interest at the core, both for business and nonbusiness related

Assisting organizations to formulate a Whistleblowing System that is able to guarantee the confidentiality of whistleblowers and effective follow-ups mechanisms.

A new approach where risk assessment is carried put not only focused on institutional reform but also nexus actors who have an important role in preventing fraud in the organizations

In depth checking services towards the background of either an individual or legal entity using advanced tools created by our very own team

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